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Write a Guest Post on PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUES 

We accept guest posts from enthusiastic writers, health promoters, counsellors, life coaches and public health professionals. Submit your guest post and help people find information and support they need to make an informed healthy decisions. We would love to publish your experiences, stories and knowledge with our readers. You have the opportunity to enhance your profile as an authoritative voice and build your credibility on the subject. Once your article gets published, it will be accessible to a large audience.

We welcome posts from the following topics

Alcoholism and its related harm

Violence (domestic violence, rape)

Sexual transmitted disease


Unprotected sex

Food safety


Teen pregnancy

Female Genital mutilation

Mental health challenges

Child and adult obesity

Child labour

Early marriages

Climate change

Healthcare system

Food insecurity

Early childhood development



Unemployment and job security

Human right

Online Pornography (It is harmful in many ways—preventing healthy sexuality, disempowering women, leading to sexual violence and non-consensual sex.)

The following should be incorporated in the post

The cost of the issues being discussed or the capability of affecting the population as a whole

The risk factors associated with the issue and

The concept of preventability

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