Nutrition 101: Five important functions of protein you should know.

A source of protein

Good nutrition is a very crucial component of health. It is essential in reaching normal growth and development and also in health maintenance throughout a person’s life. Protein is a very important nutrient among the six classes of food and is involved in virtually all the important physiological functions in the body.

Here are the five (5) functions protein you should know.

  1. For your body building

Protein is the major structural component of the body tissues (in fact every single living cell contains protein).  Therefore, constant supply of protein in the body aid in supplying the materials for growth and development.

  1. For your body regulation.

All chemical reactions in the body are carried out by enzymes and enzymes are protein.

Proteins are also a constituent of haemoglobin which carries oxygen from lungs to tissues and bring back carbon dioxide.

Hormones are also proteins which governs the body reaction.

Water balance of the body are maintained by plasma protein

Blood protein maintains acid-base balance of the body.

             3. For your body protection.

Gamma globulin which is a protein has a capacity to fight against invading organisms.

Antibodies which are also a protein in nature maintain body resistance to disease.

source of protein
  1. For weight loss

Protein reduces the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin which also boosts the satiety hormone peptide YY that makes one feel full. That is a high-protein diet reduces hunger, helping you eat fewer calories.


  1. For maintaining your body temperature

Extra heat is usually liberated during the metabolism of protein  is used to maintain body temperature.



I will say eating at least a protein meal a day can keep the doctor away.

…………always make a healthy informed decisions.








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