Latest: Cholera outbreak kills 12 in North Eastern Nigeria.


The latest cholera outbreak in the northeast Nigeria may have infected close to 134 people and killed 12 according to a medical official. “So far 12 people have died from the disease and there are many more cases”, said Ezra Sakawa, medical director of the general hospital for Mubi, the town where the disease has struck. According to him, officials had reported suspected cholera outbreak last week after the General Hospital in Mubi recorded high profile cases of vomiting and diarrhoea. The cause of the outbreak is yet to be disclosed.

Cholera is caused by bacterium transmitted through contaminated drinking water or food. It causes acute diarrhoea, where children are the most vulnerable. In Nigeria especially during rainy season, water-borne diseases are the constant threat due to lack of adequate sanitation. It is imperative for people to wash their hands after defecating in order to reduce food or drink contamination.

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