Eating an egg a day might reduce the risk of Cardiovascular diseases (CVD)- Study

In a study published in the journal Heart where more than 500,000 participants recruited were asked about their egg consumption between 2004 and 2008.

The study which was led by researchers from perking University Health Science Centre was then reduced to participants who did not have prior diabetes, cardiovascular disease even cancer.

The results gotten shows that the participants that ate at least one egg a day carried a 12% lower risk of ischemic heart disease and 28% lower risk of dying from haemorrhagic strokes compared to those who did not eat eggs at all. However it (the result) did not show the health risks associated with people who ate more than one egg a day.

eggs and cvd risk reduction

“Among Chinese adults, a moderate level of egg consumption (up to <1 egg/day) was significantly associated with lower risk of (cardiovascular disease), largely independent of other risk factors,” reads an extract from the study.

Canqing Yu, a co-author  told CNN that even though eggs  have long been regarded unhealthy for adults as it could boost cholesterol, but dietary experts recommends it for high protein and other nutrients like vitamin K and D as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

“Existing studies on the association between egg and cardiovascular diseases are controversial due to small sample size and limited information,” Yu said.

Cardiovascular diseases contribute to almost 18 million deaths annually on a global scale. 80% of CVD deaths are from heart attacks and strokes, according to the World Health Organization

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